• The plight of the Solopreneur ~ Isolation

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    I love being an entrepreneur!  There’s a rush I feel knowing I have created a vision that incorporates my mission and life purpose.  I wake up every day smiling (and when I look back on pictures of my smile from five years ago, I’m unrecognizable).  And while I have received the very good I asked to manifest, there are still challenges.  While it is rewarding to be living what you love, I didn’t plan for the shift in human contact.  How many of you have established yourself as a brand and are considered “solopreneurs”?  Prior to Life Design, I owned a company with two business partners, a staff, and a client base of small to mid-sized companies.  I was around people 12 – 15 hours a day.  And with a snap of my fingers and the creation of my new practice, there are times when there is a lot of solitude.  Although peace and stillness is welcomed every morning as I write Michele’s Daily Dash, I love and respond to the energy of others.  With the increased use and every evolving world of Social Media, I’ve heard many share that this is costing us our human connection.  “They” say we are forgetting how to interact face-to-face, on the phone and complete sentence structure is losing out to abbreviations (many which are created daily in order to fit within 140 characters).  As a strong advocate for Social Media and how it paves the way for collaboration, cooperation and access to people and organizations across the globe, it is up to us to realize this technology is a vehicle for engagement and connection vs. isolationism.  Those of us working from home, in one room offices, or satellite locations need to get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to maintaining the much needed human contact, as well as building new relationships.

    •          A change of scenery

    Technology has afforded us the opportunity to work from just about anywhere.  More and more coffee houses and bookstores are offering the business word opportunities to meet clients or just enjoy a different visual perspective with free wifi, spacious tables and comfortable chairs, as well as sponsoring networking events.  Are you experiencing writer’s block or frustration over how to develop your presentation?  Do you just need to be around people regardless of you actually uttering a word?  It might surprise you just how creative and productive you can be with a change of scenery.  And yes, you could end up meeting someone that is perfect for the project you are working on.

    •          Mastermind Group

    Are you looking to collaborate and cooperate with others?  Do you miss sharing an office space with someone where you can bounce off ideas?  Mastermind Groups are becoming more and more popular because they invite mutually committed people sharing similar values, passions, and interests.  Not only can new relationships be built, but also old ones strengthened.  Also, there is comfort knowing there’s a solid group of individuals who are supporting you, as well as you giving back to their needs.

    •          Meetup/Tweetup

    There are websites like Meetup.com where you can put in your location and the types of activities you are interested in and a list of meet up or networking group meetings will show up.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your message, platform or project as well as meeting like-minded individuals.  It gets you out of the house or office and can establish both long-term business and personal relationships.  If you’re a fan of Twitter, there are many people and organizations that want to move the conversation past the 140-characters.  They will tweet upcoming events for face-to-face connection.

    Do you have other creative ideas to share?  I’d love to gather more!

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Carla Lynne Hall » 28. Apr, 2010

Hi Michele,

Thanks for this great post! I’m grateful to have a roommate, Tym Moss, who is also a solopreneur who works from home. We’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, and giving hugs and high fives when needed!

I’d also like to recommend the option of “co-working” for anyone who’d like to surround themselves with other entrepreneurs. My friends at New Work City (http://nwcny.com/) run a co-working space in NYC where solopreneurs can bring their laptop and work on their solo projects in community with others. You can drop in for the day, a few days, or even get memberships for longer amounts of time. They also offer a co-working “visa” so members can also access 60 co-working spots in other parts of the world. So even if you don’t live in NYC, there may be a co-working spot near you!

Co-working is a great idea whose time has come!


Larry Keltto » 28. Apr, 2010

Great post.

I have an acquaintance who gets together for breakfast on a regular basis (I think it’s every other week) with five or six other solopreneurs. They sit around and talk shop for an hour, and they all seem to get a lot out of it.

Larry Keltto